10 people I would like to meet

Hello:) my name is Alondra I’d like to tell you what 10 people I’d like to meet which would be a bit enteresting.I also hope they are your favorite people too ,but curiosity will have to wait!:)

1.Jesse and Joy,”What would you call your next song and are you two connected or just partners?”

2.Mitt Romney,”I heard rumors that you where going to send mexicans and marshelles back to their country. Is it true?”

3.Jesus,”Since you know everything how long is the universe?”

4.Michael Jackson,”What was your doctor’s name the one that killed you,and how does it feel to die?”

5.Hitler,”Did you feel pity for people that suffered because of you?”

6.Niki Monaj,”Why do you wear random clothes and how many songs do you have?”

7.Barack Obama,”Are you sure that you’re going to keep your promises and how does it feel to live in the White House?”

8.Aunt Ale,”Why did you have to cross the river if you knew it was dangerous?”

9.Willy Wonka,”Some day can you invite my family and friends to your chocalate factory?”

10.Moses,”Did you got to see a tiny bit of God’s face or did you just see his back?